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Brooke and Ruby’s Guide to the Thames

Do you enjoy looking at amazing views? Would you want to go to a place where King’s murdered Queen’s? You are in London with historical landmarks. This post will take you to the historic city of London. Do you want to see amazing landmarks? Then you should see for yourself!

  1. Tate Modern

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Surprisingly, it is one of the most visited art museums in the world. It is housed in a former bankside power station.

  1. Tower of London

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The Tower of London may be haunted   with ghosts. Many of the Queens had their heads chopped   off.  Strangely  enough,  there  are  ghosts   and  they`re  names  are  Anne  Boleyn  Jane  Grey.

  1. Borough  Market

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Amazingly,  Borough  Market  sells  all  different  kinds  of  food-cheeses, meats,  burgers,  sandwiches  and  worldly  foods. In addition,   Borough Market is the most famous Christmas market in the world.

If you want to see more London landmarks you will have to book your holiday now.

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