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Do you dream of eating the world’s most delicious, tastiest and most mouth-watering cuisines? Are you a foodie and love eating? Do you want to devour everything in sight? Then look no further! London is the place for you. This post will show you the top 3 best places to eat and places go in London. If you want to know more, you need to read on.

  Boat Cruise

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Boat Cruises are fun and it can take you to the River Thames and the Thames is the most famous river in the world.

2)Big Ben​​​​​​​

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Hello clock tower people, was so cool that strangely enough, it survived the Blitz. Big Ben has been slowed down by 4.5 minutes because of the pecking birds. Big Ben is the tallest 4 faced tower in the world that chimes.

3)Tower Bridge

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Incredibly, Tower Bridge has glass floors and you can have stunning views of the River Thames.  Also at Christmas Tower Bridge lights up. If you’re a history lover go to London.         

If you want to find out more, you need to visit London for yourself.

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Kairav and Anastazja’s Three Astonishing Places to Visit along the Thames

Do you have a big appetite? Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you enjoy contemporary art? Then visit London one of the most iconic cities. This blog will tell you my three best London landmarks (My opinion).If you want to learn more about modern London get reading and you will be on your way :)


1. Millennium Bridge

Calling all Harry Potter fans! You might recognize this bridge from the film ‘’Half Blood Prince’’ This bridge is a steel bridge that was built in 2000 to celebrate the millennium. This must-see bridge the ‘’ Wobbly Bridge’’. This bridge is in Central London and it is a very bustling bridge. :)
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2. Borough Market

If you love food and delicious desserts, this is for you! Borough Market is a heavenly food market different to other markets that make it unique with tasty, appetizing cheeses to creamy, mouth – watering desserts. Interestingly, this makes it a great place for a food lover. This place holds food competitions for the best stalls and cooks. :)

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3. Tate Modern

Incredibly, the Tate was a factory before it was renovated! In fact, Tate Modern holds the most delicious, mouth-watering chocolates in the famous chocolate shop. Surprisingly, the Tate is one of the most visited Art museums. This art museum has a doodling bar for kids to express their drawing talents! :)

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I hope you enjoyed our three best landmarks. If you enjoyed it and you want to explore more, then pack your book your trip, pack your bags and don’t miss your plane! :)

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Three Amazing Landmarks Along the Thames


Are you a food lover or a modern art lover maybe both? Do you want to see stunning architectural masterpieces? Do you want to see extraordinary sunsets and spectacular lights throughout the city? Well without a doubt London is the place for you in this blog you will read about the one and only Borough Market, Tate Modern and the lively Globe Theatre these landmarks will blow your mind and you will have no choice but to go to London!

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Borough Market

 If you are a foodie come to Borough Market! Have you ever tasted flavorful and heavenly foods from all around the world? Well come to Borough Market! Did you know that sometimes food stalls compete against each other? Here, they have cheeses, burger, sandwiches, pastries and scrumptious deserts.

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Tate Modern

Never in your life, have you seen a place with beautiful, contemporary art and exquisite must-see monuments. Here, in the grand Tate modern it’s a must-see so you must it. Did you know that somebody made a great big spider, it is super realistic but it’s fake! Most of the art is Shape! Which you wouldn’t see every day. There is also a doodling bar to test how artistic you are! Here, there is a chocolate shop so foodies calm down! In Tate modern, it is one of the most visited museums in the world! Did you know that Tate modern used to be a power station!

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Globe Theatre

Come on drama lovers look its Globe Theatre! If you haven’t got a lot of money do not worry you can buy a standing seat. I bet you didn’t know that the Globe Theatre is three stories tall with 3000 seats! It plays classic Shakespeare plays like Romeo and Juliet, midsummer night’s dream, Macbeth and hamlet. Did you know that the Globe Theatre is made from re-used wood from an earlier creation the Theatre made from Richard Burbage’s father?!

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If you like what you are hearing come to London were there is much more to admire!

Ketki and Hollie’s Three Top eye-popping London Landmarks Along the Thames

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Do you want to go to an amazing city with lovely sites? Have you been to a famous chiming clock? Then visit then visit the magnificent London! This blog will take you to the great, majestic River Thames. You will be sure to have a fabulous time, and be sure to tell your friends about it.


  1. Globe 

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If you like acting then this is the time for you to get comfy and read on! Surprisingly, the Globe Theatre has three spectacular, humungous storey’s , of seats so it can fit 3000 people in it. Strangely enough, the original Globe Theater was destroyed by a crackling fire in the 17th century. The owner of the Globe Theater, was William Shakespeare. He performed many plays such as Romeo and Juliet and the Winter’s Tale.


2. The Tower of London

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The Tower of London is a fascinating museum. You can see the White Tower. Surprisingly, kings beheaded queens. Strangely enough, The Tower of London was believed to be a haunted house. 22 gory executions were held at the Tower. It is one of the oldest Landmarks in London.

3. Tate Modern

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Hey art lovers out there, are you ready to find out about one of the most superb and spectacular landmarks? Then get ready, what are you waiting for? In the heart of London, there is one of the most magnificent buildings which hosts exhibitions for only two months, so get ready. In Tate Modern, they do one of the most amazing doodling bars where you can make your very own pieces of work.

There is more to see for yourself, so admire the views while you can.  


Daniel and Ryan’s Amazing Walk along the Thames

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Have you   ever been to a city that has never-ending views combined with a fascinating history? Do you love mouth-watering yummy and gourmet food? Then London is the place for you. This blog will take you on an amazing walk along the Thames. You won’t want to go home because London is stunning and joyful. I bet you are always dreaming about a place that you can see magnificent views.

1. Tower of London                                                                                                                                                                                                              Image result for tower london

Incredibly, Kings used swords to chop the Queen’s heads off. A

2. Globe Theatre                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Image result for globe theatre

You can see amazing plays here at the Globe Theatre that shows classic and modern fun shows. Interestingly, in there and you can see Shakespeare’s nonfiction plays. Do you like tragic shows? Then visit this attraction. In addition, the original theatre was a few blocks away but destroyed by flaming fire in the 17th century.

3. Borough Market                                                                                                                                                                                                                Image result for borough market

Borough Market is for if you are a food lover.  It has mouth –watering, tasty and scrumptious foods from all around the world.  Incredibly, it was a Christmas Market. Food stalls compete against each other.

Come see this for yourself to see the impressive sights and panoramic views.                                                                                                                    Image result for london views

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