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Ketki and Hollie’s Three Top eye-popping London Landmarks Along the Thames

Do you want to go to an amazing city with lovely sites? Have you been to a famous chiming clock? Then visit then visit the magnificent London! This blog will take you to the great, majestic River Thames. You will be sure to have a fabulous time, and be sure to tell your friends about it.


  1. Globe Theater

If you like acting then this is the time for you to get comfy and     read on! Surprisingly, the Globe Theater has three spectacular, humungous storey’s , of seats so it can fit 3000 people in it. Strangely enough, the original Globe Theater was destroyed by a crackling fire in the 17th century. The owner of the Globe Theater, was William Shakespeare. He performed many plays such as Romeo and Juliet and the Winter’s Tale.


2. The Tower of London

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The Tower of London is a fascinating museum. You can see the White Tower. Surprisingly, kings beheaded queens. Strangely enough, The Tower of London was believed to be a haunted house. 22 gory executions were held at the Tower. It is one of the oldest Landmarks in London.


3. Tate Modern

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  Hey art lovers out there, are you ready to find out about one of the most superb and spectacular landmarks? Then get ready, what are you waiting for? In the heart of London, there is one of the most magnificent buildings which hosts exhibitions for only two months, so get ready. 

 You can make your very own pieces of work. There is more to see for yourself so admire the views while you can.


Emily’s and Mellissa’s Amazing Walk Along the Thames

Are you a foodie or an art lover? Then come to London where the streets are full of bustling people and historic landmarks. This blog will take you to unique places in London.

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  1. Big  Ben

Big Ben is a tower that has a clock in side and out side. In fact, in 2012 the tower was renamed the Queen Elizabeth tower.

Here in London, you can see Big Ben from the London Eye during sun sets.


2. Tate Modern 

Incredibly, it is the craftiest museum in London. Inside Tate Modern, there is a stunning doodle bar and chocolate shop.


  1. Borough market

Everywhere you look, stalls are selling all kinds of foods like meats, flavourful burgers and sandwiches.


There is more to see for yourself, so pack your bags and go to London.



William and Lacie’s walk Along the Thames

you often dream of a peaceful haven where you can enjoy heavenly sights by a river? Are you a foodie or an art lover? Have you ever been to the world’s most famous chiming clock? Then come to London. This blog will take you on a wonderful adventure. This city is filled with history and stunning attractions.

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Borough Market

Firstly, Borough Market sells amazing foods such as mouth-watering burgers, flavourful pastries, scrumptious cheese and magnificent sweets. You can enjoy all kinds of heavenly, spectacular foods here. Also they compete to see who has the tastiest stall. You already know a lot about this famous landmark but there so much more to       see

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South Bank Skate Park                           

Have you ever seen a livelier place such as South Bank Skate Park? Firstly, if you are lucky enough you can see famous skaters there. If you haven’t seen graffiti on the walls, then I don’t know what you are doing. The bright vibrant colors are so eye-catching and unique no one can miss it. The energetic skateboards are very cool and lively. Next to the skate park, there is a cemetery for broken skate boards. They do this because they want to show their love to the sport!

There is more to see for yourself so admire the views while you can.

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A Heavenly Adventure along the Thames!!!

Have you ever been to see amazing landmarks across a famous river? Would you like to enjoy a handful of breath-taking views? Then come over to the impressive, eye –catching and definitely iconic landmarks in London! This post will tell you every fascinating landmark across the riverside in London! These spectacular landmarks will blow your mind and you will never want to leave!

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London eye

The London eye is a must see attraction. Surprisingly, the London eye is a huge Ferris wheel, it provides panoramic views across London. If you would like you can go on it at night and you will be able to see the fascinating lights that make it stand out. Interestingly, you can see Big Ben from the London eye.

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Tower Bridge



Don’t worry if you can’t swim, here is an amazing bridge for you. Did you know that Tower Bridge is the only bridge in Have Central London that opens a barrier to big ships? It is a Bascule Bridge. Strangely enough in Tower Bridge there is a stunning glass floor and you can have fascinating views of the River Thames! Incredibly, Tower Bridge was built in the Victorian times so it is kind of Victorian style. Interestingly, it has eye catching towers attached to it.

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South Bank Skate Park

Do you like art and skateboarding? Well, this is the place for you. South Bank Skate Park is a place that covers every inch of the park. Even if you can’t skate you can see the other talented people perform tricks. Another cool thing about the park is that it has a cemetery for skateboards that are old, broken or not wanted .Now that I’ve told you all about some of these Breath-taking landmarks, it’s time for you to see what they look like !!!       




Roxy and Lily Walk Along the Thames

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Do you want to go to an amazing, city with historic rivers and stunning, attractions? Do you enjoy looking at never-ending views while the sunsets? Then you should visit the stunning wonderful London. This post will let you read about Tower Bridge, Millennium Bridge and the London eye. If you want to find out more this exotic city, then pack your bags and visit.

Millennium Bridge

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Surprisingly, the Harry Potter movie was filmed here. It was filmed in Half Blood Prince. People called it the wobbly bridge.

Tower Bridge

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Tower Bridge sits next to London Bridge. Amazingly, Tower Bridge is the only bridge in central London that opens and closes for ships. You can see the River Thames from the class floor on Tower Bridge and there’s a beautiful, unique view from up on the glass floor. The Tower Bridge lights up at Christmas and for special events.

London Eye

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London Eye is a wonderful place to see. In fact, London Eye has panoramic views. You can see landmarks on the London eye

You may know lots about these London landmarks but you learn so much more when you visit.                                                                           

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